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Welcome to Fitness of Wealth!

Dwayne Carter of Fitness of Wealth​

Thanks for checking this page out. I'm Dwayne, a beach body coach with several years of experience helping fitness enthusiasts all over to reach their health and fitness goals. A while ago, I created the fitnessofwealth.com blog to reach a much wider audience, so I can share my understanding and experience with far more persons than I could possibly train face to face. There’s certainly a wealth of information on this website, which you could put into action today, if you’re motivated enough to attain your goals. Where there is a will there is a way!

I’m passionate about health & fitness and love being in a position to help people attain their goals. I know how hard it can be to lose weight and realize your fitness goals. Whether you want to develop a more muscular physique, increase your flexibility, enjoy more energy, improve your cardiovascular fitness, want that spare tyre lost, or a combination of any or all the above, I can assist you achieve all these worthy goals.

With a personal coach you can attain your goals sooner than if you go it alone. You'll soon be hooked once you see the results, and will assuredly recommend me to your friends.

Beach Body Personal Training

I care for other people, and want to share everything I’ve learned on my blog. Like many of my clients, one may have had sessions with another beach body trainer in the past but not attained the results they hoped for. Sadly, most people give up on their health and fitness goals after one bad experience. Never be one of these persons who gives up on themselves! I focus on best practices for workouts as well as diet so as to get the results that I’ve achieved.

The process begins when you complete my preliminary consultation questionnaire. Fill it in as that is sure to help you analyze what transpired during your last training experience, so you can learn more from it, and approach your training sessions differently this time. It may well be that your last trainer gave you the wrong exercises, didn't push you hard enough, or maybe you didn’t follow their instruction as diligently as you could have. Poor nutrition is another major cause of poor fitness results, one thing I'll focus on and assist you with throughout our time together. Simply switching to healthy eating isn’t an overnight fix, it is a continual improvement process which I'll guide you through. Unlike gym memberships or other generic/fad programs which have failed you in the past, my results-based training places focus on your personal needs and wants, in a fun, social and family-style atmosphere that you will surely call home.

Whether you’re seeking for a body weight training, cardiovascular workout, Crossfit, yoga or a personalized training program, FitnessOfWealth.com can assist you in finding the training program that is sure to help you meet your goals. How do I do that? By offering you solutions and all-inclusive integrated programs. This means personalized training, nutrition and meal planning, correct supplementation, and grocery shopping tours. I help you build these into an action plan which incorporates flexibility/mobility training, cardiovascular and resistances training, and expert coaching all wrapped-up in one complete plan designed specifically for you! I’ve a variety of equipment in my facility which I use, including Reebok deck, Bosu, Balance and stability discs, Stability ball, Resistance bands, Free weights, Boxercise equipment, Medicine balls, Kettlebells and much more.

Professional Competence

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and a Health & Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I trained as a workout professional completing a Diploma in Personal Training, recognized as the "gold standard" qualification in the industry. I’m fully insured and hold an HSE-recognized certificate in Emergency First Aid.

Where do I train my clients? Anywhere, in their own homes and in a local park (so long as it isn’t one of the Royal Parks, that are imposing a license fee currently on personal trainers who coach their clients in these parks). In case you live in an apartment block, perhaps you have a communal gym in your block that we could use. I have trained clients in some marvelous apartment gyms, and other parts of the United States as well.

I’ve enjoyed taking part in a wide variety of sport disciplines over the years. I offer a valuable service to my clientele, one which can be life changing (and in the case of morosely obese clients, potentially life-saving). It feels great to be of help to someone and encourage them to rid themselves of excess fat, sleep better, gain confidence, feel better about themselves, and know how to get more out of life. 

People only come back if they perceive they’re getting good value from the training sessions, and I’ve repeat clients who come back time and time again, and who’ve recommended me to their friends and family. I’m here to help you realize and exceed your goals!

​In Hawaii, after a session of cardio on the beach