How to Get Abs for Girls: Top 30 Exercises


Getting great abs is not only specific to the male gender. Recently, women especially girls have been interested in working out to get great abs. Girls should exercise or work harder and longer to get the abs. All that is needed is to identify with the best moves or exercises and few diet tips as well, so as to get great abs. Here are top 30 exercises girls should practice to get abs.

1. Side Plank Hold

Begin in high plank position, engaging abs and keeping head in line with heels. Contract abs and transit slowly from plank position to right side plank. Rotate body slowly, lift left arm off the ground and place weight through palm of right hand. Rotate body again reaching over the head with left arm and keep body in a straight line. Contract abs again and push through palm of the hand which is on the ground. Holding this motion usually for 30 seconds, contracts the oblique throughout the exercise.

2. Medicine Ball Sit-up with Chest Press

Lie on the mat with knees bent slightly. Engage core and entire flatten back against mat. Hold medicine ball level to chest. Curl body upwards to seated position. Directly extend medicine ball out from the chest extending the arms fully. Curl back down and release through the core while bringing medicine ball slowly back to the chest and back flattened against mat.

3. Hip Raise with Single Leg Reach

This exercise activates the abs and the gluteus, with a hip raise and extending one leg out for 5 seconds or more. It is more efficient when focusing the eyes to the ceiling or sky with chin off the chest. Put hands under head without pushing up while on the sides.

4. Plank Punches

Work out begins in high plank position with shoulders, wrists and arms being in line with one another with the back flat. Engage cores and gluteus. Raise left arm and punch forward, extend arm straight out while punching with slow and controlled motion. Core remains engaged throughout exercise assisting in maintaining balance and minimise tipping while extending arms for each punch. Lower left arm to starting position; putting wrists and arms in line again. Raise right arm and punch forward as did with left arm. Repeat alternating between right and left arm punches for 30 to 60 seconds with core tight throughout exercise.

5. Suspended Plank with Knee Tuck

Extend straps and place feet in foot loops. Work body out until it’s completely extended in a plank position. Keep hips in line with shoulders. Go into a straight-arm plank and engage core. Bring knees towards chest and return to the back simultaneously. Build up strength focusing on technique not speed. Alternate with single-knee tucks in running motion keeping hips up and body straight all times without letting back sag or hips dropping.

6. Sit-up to Standing

Lie face up with knees bent and extend arms holding kettle bell overhead. Forcefully bend at the waist, bring arms and kettle bell forward and pull heels slightly back towards gluteus to stand up. From standing position carefully descend into a squat, roll torso back to the start and rhythmically begin next rep.

7. Roman Twist

Seat on the exercise mat and gently lean back until core is activated or raise feet above ground. Gently reach from one side of the body to another. Engage core at all times but avoid overuse.

8. Ballet Twist

Sit on the mat and extend legs firmly together. Lean the back away from the hips. Engage abs bringing both arms over the head. Twist torso to the right, place right arm on the mat and left arm reaching overhead. Repeat movement keeping left arm on floor with back and heels on the floor. Contract abs to support spine while returning to the centre and bringing both arms overhead. Alternate the sides.

9. Cycle Crunch

Lie flat on the mat in a bent-knee position with feet placed firmly on floor and hands behind the head. Engage abs muscles stabilising the spine. Place shoulder blades back and slightly pointing down. Lift both feet off the floor until thighs are vertical to the floor and knees are at a vertical bend with toes, pointing away from body. Bring one knee up to meet opposite elbow, rotate torso and swap legs pressing the lower back into the floor.

10. Vertical Leg Crunch

Press lower back to the ground and put hands behind the head for support. Extend legs straight in the air and cross at the ankles with knees slightly bent so as to contract abdominal muscles by lifting torso toward knees. Keep chin off the chest with each contraction and exhale while contracting upwards and inhale while returning to starting position.

11. Side Plank

Start on side with full body in-line with bottom arm on the floor. Place one foot on top of the other or cross ankles for support. Engage core and have weight in the hand resting on the ground. Raise body off the floor, bring the weight up to shoulder and let kettle bell hang behind hand. Extend the arm and back to the shoulder, lower body and bring weight back to the ground repeatedly.

12. Plank with one Arm Row

Get into plank position with each hand resting on a kettle bell and eyes facing down. Keep back straight or gluteus tight and pull one kettle bell up towards the body in a row. Squeeze at top of the movement then return to start position switching sides.

13. Arm Pull-Over with Straight Leg Crunch

Grab a pair of 4 to 5 kg dumb bells and lie on the back with arms stretched behind. Raise legs at an angle of 45 degrees. Bring arms up over chest, lift shoulders off the mat and raise legs perpendicularly to the floor. Return to starting position without letting legs touch the floor.

14. Hundreds

Lie with back and legs at table’s top, curl chest up reaching legs diagonally, inhale deeply while pumping arms strongly for 5 beats and exhale for 5 beats. Rest while hugging knees to the chest.

15. Plank Toe Touch

Start in full plank position with arms straight and under shoulders. Keep hips even and in-line with the back. Engage abs while gently moving left leg sideways, touch toe vertical to the ground and return to start position.

16. Plank Up and Down

Maintain solid plank position throughout exercise without swaying hips. Start with toes and elbows lying on the knees to engage core. Keep hips still and push up while lowering back down to elbows, one arm at a time. Change leading arm and strengthen the other shoulder while pressing up to the hands.

17. Ball V-up

Lie on back with arms fully extended above head and legs straight. Exercise ball should be positioned between hands. Tighten abdominal muscles and lift ball and heels off the floor. Raise both feet and hands together and bring the ball to meet legs. Pause and lower back to starting position.

18. Squat Thrust with Twist

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart extending the arms in front at shoulder height. Squat down with knees bent vertically while twisting upper body to the left. Keep weight in the heels without allowing knees forward away from toes. Keep knees facing forward as chest and shoulders move sideways.

19. Abdominal Hold

Sit tall on edge of sturdy chair and place hands on the edge with fingers pointing toward knees. Tighten abs and bring toes two to four inches off the floor. Lift the back off the chair. Hold this position as long as possible while lowering the body.

20. Criss-Cross

Start on back, holding Pilate’s ring/squishy ball to ceiling with legs on table-top. Exhale while curling up the body and twisting to one side to extend opposite leg. Inhale deeply alternating to other side quickly without pausing.

21. Full Plank Jumps

Go into full straight arm plank position holding on for 10 to 15 seconds. Push up while jumping feet between hands and do other jump moves to the sky. Form plank position with feet aligned to hands and jump up and down with legs into plank position again.

22. Hip Up to V-hold

Start by sitting on floor with legs extended and hands behind with fingertips facing body. Engage core, point toes and lift hips up. Lower hips to floor and lean back 45 degrees extending legs up forming a V shape. Hold on and count while repeating the sequence.

23. Ball Crunch with Ball Throw

Lie flat on back holding medicine ball at chest level. Lift shoulders off the mat and crunch. At top of crunch, throw medicine ball forward against a wall and catch ball as it bounces back. Roll back down to starting position.

24. Lower Leg Raise

Lie on back and extend legs. Avoid placing hands under gluteus and instead push belly button down. Squeeze abs and gluteus at same time which helps staying strong. Raise legs vertically and lower them towards ground pausing just right above ground. Crunch and reach on to Swiss Ball. Roll down onto ball with back in the middle and feet placed vertically to the ground. Keep chin off chest and eyes to the sky. Avoid any neck strain and focus on abs. Crunch upwards to sky with hands behind head and repeat this for 15 to 20 reps.

25. Inverted Bicycle

Lie on back with hands behind head and spin legs like when riding a bicycle. Breathe throughout exercise and keep fast pace.

26. Reverse Fly

Exercise requires stand-up machine and waist-high bar. Keep knees straight, bend at waist and jump back up. Keep back straight while coming up. This is great for the core.

27. The Cobra

Lie face down on the mat with palms near chest. Lift head, chest and shoulders off the floor, pulling shoulder blades down and together. Hold for 2 counts then lower back down while trying to lift thighs off floor.

28. Oblique Sit-up with Crunch

This is an advanced sit-up exercise targeting internal and external oblique muscles. One is supposed to aim for 24 reps.

29. The Prone Plank

Get into full push up position with palms on floor and beneath shoulders. Hold on in this position for 30 second with abs contracted, arms and legs extended and head aligned with spine. Build strength by holding position for longer period.

30. Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way to get great abs. Most yoga moves help strengthen the core and in turn develops great abs.


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